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SmartPros offers the highest quality online courses in continuing legal education through its Cognistar catalog and compliance and governance solutions through Working Values.

Available Products

  • Cognistar for legal professionals

    Our Cognistar® product line offers comprehensive end-to-end solutions for corporations and professionals seeking education and training anytime, anywhere. Our Continuing Legal Education (CLE) catalog offers courses in a wide range of legal and business-oriented programs, accredited in numerous jurisdictions. Cognistar® also provides an easy and convenient way for legal professionals to meet their continuing education needs.

    Anytime. Anywhere. Online.

    Cognistar is the leading provider of CLE and business-oriented programs on topics such as litigation, intellectual property, corporate and securities law, taxation, labor and employment law, bankruptcy, ethics, professionalism, substance abuse, bias and many more. Cognistar's catalog helps legal professionals stay on top of their game by providing answers to the hot issues of the day through a variety of formats designed to inspire the user. Cognistar is able to support the specific and wide-ranging needs of its customers by providing the four pillars essential to e-learning: consulting, programs, courseware and support.

    Programs We Develop
    • Cognistar Law Partner Programs
    • E-Marketing Programs for Law Firms
    • CLE Accreditation Services
    Online Training Packages
  • Working Values for corporate governance professionals

    Our Working Values initiatives help organizations build a culture that sustains success. Working Values products and services have been developed to serve a wide variety of professionals who are responsible for oversight, management, or day-to-day implementation of corporate governance activities. These products and services feature an enterprise-based approach that combines business objectives with ethics and values principles to serve the interests of all stakeholders, drive performance, and build economic value.

    Programs We Develop & Support

    We will create or build upon existing programs that provide key support for governance, risk and compliance. Examples include:

    • Compliance and Ethics Programs
    • Employee Engagement Programs
    • Risk Management Programs
    • Training and Communication Programs
    Products and Services We Provide

    We offer a suite of products and services for professional and program development:

    SPLE can also provide a speaker for your next ethics-related event.

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